• Why would I need a rebrand?

    When you’re trying to make money for your business, spending money on a new logo or photos may not be your top priority. But unless you’re inundated with clients – it should be. The internet audience is impatient and is used to having choice, and lots of it. On average people will give a website just under 3 seconds to prove it’s got what they’re looking for before moving on. If they aren’t attracted to your brand, can’t find what they’re looking for or simply loose their patience on your site you’ve lost them to a competitor. For this reason it’s vital to have a strong brand image that represents your business and makes clear what you do. We’re passionate about helping businesses see where they’re going wrong and helping them build strong, successful brands.

  • How long does it usually take?

    Each project varies, but as a rough guide it’s best to allow 3 months for a rebrand and rebrand and marketing projects generally take 6 months. That isn’t to say you’ll be twiddling your thumbs for months – we get going right away and we understand that you have to run your business, so we make your rebrand as seamless as possible.

  • Who do you work with?

    I work with a wide range of businesses but I specialise in working with luxury brands in fashion & beauty, retail and hospitality. We’re passionate about consumer brands and this is where most of our experience lies, but the fundamentals of branding are transferable and we love a challenge, so why not get in touch?

  • You look young to be running a consultancy service…

    I may look young, but don’t be deceived, I’ve worked with brands and businesses of all sizes, in industries ranging from national newspapers to pre-school classes; luxury hotels to personal coaches.  I’m also part of the ‘digital native’ generation, which means using the internet is intuitive for me, and from this I know how to make a good user experience so that your brand is engaged with, even in today’s ‘advertising overload’ culture. I’m also a bit of a digital marketing geek, and whether it’s SEO, Pinterest or the latest viral, I like to stay in the loop. It also helps that I work with the best designers, photographers and illustrators out there.

  • How good are you?

    We’ll leave this one to our clients to tell you…